Monday, March 7, 2016

Studios-Part 2

Basement studio as it looks right now

As I've written here there was a 8-year gap where I didn't paint much. During those years the basement and my studio area filled up with stuff. Even if I had wanted to paint, there wasn't much space to work in.

My son is in Guam this year; I commandeered a portion of his bedroom for studio space.

Corner of son's room. Shhh! He doesn't know.

Last July I started volunteering for an the VALA arts group in Redmond Town Center. They divided the back of their gallery into artists' workspaces and I applied for one. I moved in in December.

VALA studio space

The first outside-the-house studio in 30 years and I am thrilled to drive the half hour from my house even if I only make it once a week. I started that fencer painting 8 years ago. I've been working on it in this studio and it is almost finished.

It's possible to work in small, dark, cluttered spaces, but it makes it harder and easier to do something else.