Friday, January 26, 2018

When Your Babies Leave Home

Long ago when I first started making art and I ended up with a piece I liked, I couldn't imagine letting it go. It all seemed so personal and precious. As the years have passed and I've made more art I don't have the same attachment. Also, storing work can be a problem. Now, I am excited and pleased when someone buys my work.

Two pieces sold this fall. The first was Wolf in Sheep's Clothing which is part of a sheep series from 2008. I've shown the series quite a bit. You can see the rest of the sheep series here

The other was one of the Inktober 2017 drawings and sold to a dear friend I have known forever, well, since high school.

I offer to hang paintings to buyers in my area. The gentleman who bought Wolf asked me to hang it in the front door alcove.


Okay, I'll admit to a small pang of sadness when I look at the wolf in his new home. I am quite fond of him.

Stovetop Still Life in its new home in California. It looks handsome in its new frame.

Stovetop Still Life