Sunday, January 21, 2018

Inktober 2017 The End Days 24-31

"Ghost Stories"  10/24/2017

The Excited Prairie Dog and Manny share cocoa and stories around the campfire. Wait! What was that noise? Did you see something moving in the shadows?

"Stovetop Still Life'  10/25/2017
This drawing was quite popular with viewers and quickly sold.

"Poodle"  10/26/2017
This is my cat. We named her Blanche but no one calls her that. We call her PoodleCat, Noodle, Screamer and The Cat.

"Edible Ink"  10/27/2017
Drawing is drawing whether your medium is ink, pencil, or frosting.

"Halloween Cookies"  10/28/2017

"Cynthia" 10/29/2017

"Peggy"  10/30/2017

"Trick or Treat"  10/31/2017
And another  Inktober completed. I love this external discipline and inspiration.