Friday, January 5, 2018

Inktober 2017 Days 8-15

October 8 "Crooked"

October 9 "Screech"

This is my cat. She is beautiful. She is old. She is deaf. She used to have a soft, cute meow. Now she screeches every morning. She just screeched for dinner.

October 10 "Seadragon"

More from the Georgia Aquarium. These creatures look like a fantasy.

October 11 "Gigantic"

Whale shark, the very epitome of gigantic.

October 12 "Run"

October 13 "Excited Prairie Dog"

I took a detour from the topic suggestions when the @MidwestNPS posted a list of suggestions for Halloween costumes based on your name. I am Excited Prairie Dog which fits me perfectly. If you're curious what your costume would be, you can see the list here. I highly recommend it.

October 14 "Beach Rocks"

Summer extended well into October here in the Pacific Northwest and was warmer than usual. Everyday the sun shone I went to the beach, either on Puget Sound, as in these drawings or Lake Washington to swim.

October 15 "Kitesurfer"