Friday, December 29, 2017

Inktober 2017 Days 1-7

2017 is the second time I've participated in Inktober

Last year I carefully photographed each day with my camera and posted here before linking to Facebook. This year I used the phone camera and posted directly to social media. I'm just now getting around to adding them to the blog. The benefit of posting to social media is getting a lot of response.

The benefit of posting here is seeing them all together.

Jake Parker publishes a prompt list for the theme of each day. Some days I followed it, some not.


 "Divided" 10/2/2017

Evoking memories of small children and summer, this one received many comments.

"Poison" 10/3/2017

The amanita popped up sparsely this year and late, but perfect for poison.

"Underwater" 10/4/2017

Underwater couldn't mean anything but Manny. He featured in several drawings for last year's Inktober.

"Long"  10/5/2017

"Sword"  10/6/2017

I attended a work conference in Atlanta at the beginning of October. Here my friend Rebecca is reporting on her advocacy efforts in Washington, D.C. She had to have a sword. 

"Shy" 10/7/2017

The Georgia Aquarium is amazing. The alligator lay with it's head hidden by a rocky outcropping which has turned into a pillow.