Tuesday, July 25, 2017

You Never Know until You Try-Setting Goals 2017

Back in January, I thought about what kinds of goals I should set, because we are always being told to set goals. I was in three shows in 2016. Why not up the court and try for five?

 I promptly forgot about all that until April rolled around. "Hey! Weren't you going to go for five shows this year? Clock is ticking." (Yes, I talk to myself as two voices. Don't you?) Time to apply to some. 

I entered five paintings for the Land and Sea show at Ida Culver House Broadview

None of them got in that show but the curators decided to have an overflow show.

Show #1 Earth and Ocean at Ida Culver House Ravenna 

Good Sheep

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Show #2 Pastel Perfect at The Lakeshore

The curators for the first show invited me to contribute two pieces for Pastel Perfect at the Lakeshore.

Born to Be Baad

Pink sheep

Show #3 EAFA Member Show

I entered two.

One got in.

Singing Them Home

Show #4 NWCS Member Show

Theme: Hot Town Summer in the City

Entered two

Pick a Flavor
Tea for One

And this one was accepted.

Tea for One

Show #5 at Pacific Regent Bellevue.

I answered a call for large work and entered these three.

Today I got an email and these two are in!

La Boiserie


Now I am in FIVE shows at the same time! Four I entered and one I was invited to.  I even had two openings on the same day. Pretty crazy. 

How did this happen? I joined two arts organizations this year: Northwest Collage Society and Eastside Association for Fine Arts so I was eligible to enter their shows. Three shows came out of this, either directly or by being on their call list. 

And I actually entered shows instead of just thinking about it.  I did get rejected for one show but I am batting 5 for 6 (been watching the Mariners tonight). 

I feel lucky and a little dazed. Having met my goal, I can take the rest of the year off. Just kidding! 

Back to work!