Saturday, September 19, 2015

Piano Time 2015 Wrap Up

After dropping my son off at the airport for a year in Guam, I was feeling a bit melancholy so decided to visit the piano once more. Since it was the next to last day of the exhibit why not visit all the pianos? Why not, indeed. Armed with the city map, I tracked them all down.

I thought my piano had fared well until I looked at the sides.

Harlequin' pig nose ripped off


And poor Columbine's cat mask was completely gone.

Comments? Yes. Don't tape signs onto artwork.


This was no where near as bad as the damage done to Yasuyo Dunnett's lovely piano. It was destroyed by somebody behaving very badly.

Good Day, Sunshine   Yasuyo Dunnett

rendered completely unplayable

The other pianos were in better shape.

Slug Fest     Karien Balluff

Wonderland    Heather Carr

Land Free, Home Brave   Jennifer Carroll

Great Balls of Fire   Mike Eggers

Ensemble     Elise Koncsek

NW Melodies   Marsha Lippert

The absolute best view.
Lounge Lizards   Carol Meckling

Florabunda   Maria Mondloch

It looked like the squirrels had started to peel paper off the bench.
Read and Red   Natalie Overby

Backyard Birds  Susan Pope

Sealife   Susan Pope