Thursday, July 16, 2015

Piano Time 2015-First Primer coat

I decided to see if the medallions would pry off the front panel. I used a palette knife and hammered it gently in all round the edge. It went in easily but stuck in the middle. When I lifted up the front panel, lo and behold, screws! Five screws were holding it on. Several turned freely in their holes. Don't know why they didn't fall out.

Medallions gone. See the five screw holes?

I roughed up the ovals with a wet sanding sponge and loaded up the primer.

The legs left unprimed. Not sure if I'll leave them as is or paint over them. Because I still don't have the final design worked out.

Another Piano Time artist, Yoyo.

Jennifer working mosaic magic on her piano. Jennifer and I painted pianos in 2012.