Saturday, July 11, 2015

Piano Time 2015-the Candidate

I was accepted to paint a piano for Shoreline's Piano Time 2015. I last did this in 2012. Unfortunately, that piano was in terrible shape musically and the city opted not to keep it. No one could be found to take it.  I considered just taking the upper and bottom panels until I remembered the state of my basement.

Oh No! Another beautiful old piano

Again I face the alteration of a lovely piece. I would have preferred a modern spinet with little innate character. 

Look at the detail on the medallions! I am tempted to see if I can pry them off without breaking them.

In 2012 we painted in a huge empty hardware store with a utility sink. This time it is a former medical office. The space is cramped and the hours are restricted to M-F  9-5. 

Limited access is tricky but has it's upsides. I have to schedule when I'll go and there is an enforced break on the week-ends.

The piano is washed. Priming starts on Monday. And I still have to design the thing. Luckily, I have week-ends free.