Thursday, March 12, 2015

Work in Progress-Patience

I have finally started working on this fencer painting again. I moved it down to the basement where I really don't like to work but I also don't like paint in my living space. Oh, to have a separate studio.

The first layout and drawing steps are here.

Blocking in

More blocking in and changing the colors.

What it looks like today

After I had brought this to a fairly complete state (which I neglected to photograph, probably a good thing) I realized the head was not sitting right on the body. It needed to be brought forward.

This often happens in a painting. I get it to a happy place and then realize it has some major flaw.  I dither about it for awhile because I want to save the parts I like.

Finally, I just have to suck it up and start revising. Going from thinking a painting is almost finished back to where it needs lots more work can be discouraging.  Just tell yourself you like to mess around with paint.