Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sketch a Day 2013 Florida!

Sketch 14

This park isn't really called Massacre Park but it is was the farm of the first European American family to settle on the New River. The family was attacked and killed by Native Americans on the eve of the second Seminole War. 

Across from the park someone has a tower in their yard with campanile bells playing songs like Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head. It sound like a huge music box. If I lived next door I would go mad.

Sketch 13

The lines at the airport were incredibly long on Saturday. I can't imagine going on vacation and facing  that. 


Sketch 12

I have wanted to see the Everglades for 45 years. When I visited my grandparents I wanted to go but they said it was too far. It's only about and hour and a half.                                                               

On Friday we took I-75 from Fort Lauderdale through the Saw Grass and the Big Cypress Swamp to Port Charlotte to visit my Aunt Marji and her husband Fran. I hadn't seen her in 48 years. My cousin Mel and her husband Dave were moving down from Pennsylvania and arrived the day we were there. It was wonderful to see them again. 

I still want to take an airboat through the Glades but I am content for now.

Sketch 11

Sketch 9

Sketch 8

Sketch 7