Friday, July 5, 2013

Nature in the Balance leads to exploration of Bellingham

I just returned from the Whatcom Museum opening of Nature in the Balance, a show exploring climate change. My little pika is in the show. There are some beautiful pieces. I recommend it if you are in the area or want a short get-away.

We drank champagne, looked at art and explored the museum. My name was wrong on the label. For some reason when people see KJ their minds fill in Kate so it reads Kate J. Bateman. Luckily, I ran into the curator and she put it on her to-be-corrected list.

This renaming me Kate happens  in replies to my email even though my signature reads "Cordially, Kim." The mind is a funny thing.

After all these years in Washington I had never been to Bellingham until I dropped off the painting. I like it. The light is vibrant. There are many older homes and two huge used book stores like the much-missed Shorey's.

We had some good hamburgers at Fiamma and an ok ice cream at Mallard's.

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