Saturday, November 3, 2012

In Which I Trick Myself Into Using the Wacom

It is November and NaNoRiMo. I participated several years ago and found it incredibly useful. I learned I could write many, many words and keep writing.

I  haven't felt compelled to do it since. Maybe because I now have actual projects I am working on (and much of that is thanks to NaNo). Maybe because I am a grasshopper always chasing after the next new thing. (Hey, I've completed the Danskin two years running)

But it is November and I like the idea of a daily practice. Of course one isn't enough. I have opted for two: Sketch a Day and Picture Book Idea a Day.

I am going to use Sketch a Day as a way to finally learn to use the Wacom tablet I've been using as a mouse pad.

Two sketches because I only found out about it today.