Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Prime Piano

I applied the first coat of primer on Sunday. Since I was exposed to so many chemicals as a student, I didn't want to sand the piano and was able to find a zero VOC primer that claims it will cover glossy surfaces without sanding.

 It seemed to go on well but there was some bleed through of the piano stain.

 I put on another coat yesterday and it bled right through. Last night I obsessed about whether the paint was going to adhere.

I spent today talking to the other artists and a  painting contractor (thanks, Stu) who happened by. I feel fairly confident now that while the surface may not last forever it won't slough off onto the floor.

Let me introduce you to the other artists.

Heather Carr is making her mad painter face as she pretends to slap the primer on. In fact, Stu was so concerned he came in to show her a more efficient painting technique.

 And this is her mom, Diane. I wish I had a minion, er, helper. Happy Anniversary, Diane!

Judith Heim cutting frisket masks


L. Kelly Lyles is groovin' to the tunes as she paints a baby grand (except maybe she's listening to books on tape). You may have seen Kelly's art car around town. It was a big hit today in the parking lot.

CJ Swanson is trying the no-sanding primer as well. Keep your fingers crossed.