Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Pygmy kayak, Arctic Tern

This was supposed to be a relaxing summer. I was going to take a few weeks off from work but I am busier than expected. In 2002 I bought a kayak kit from Pygmy Boats and it sat in the basement until last summer when I started building it in the garage of our Ballard house. Our long time tenant moved out in the Spring and our daughter moved in.

As noted last time I was also painting the mural for the pre-school. Then my mother had two hospitalizations and I didn't get very far before the temperature dropped below the optimum for working with epoxy.

This summer I was going to start in June and work on through. It has been the coolest, wettest summer in my 25 years in the Puget Sound area. I finally started working on it again. It actually looks like a boat now. Here I am at the end of August with maybe a month left of workable time and the work goes so slowly.

Plus, I am putting a box in the Gallery OK's "Think Inside the Box" show. The box is due Tuesday night. Wish me luck.

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